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Daniela DubachDaniela joined the financial service industry in 2009. After having learned many financial lessons the hard way, she became very passionate about educating people, especially women, on financial literacy, savings strategies, getting out of debt, and how to plan for a better and more secure financial future.

Over the years, she had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of workshops on financial matters, educating thousands of individuals on Finances 101, college planning, alternative investments, and creative savings and retirement strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box”.  These principles have been used by the wealthy before the typical “stock market investments” even existed.

Besides being a passionate speaker, empowering individuals with financial knowledge, she has been a guest speaker on various local radio shows on financial matters. As an avid learner, she continually attends many summits for industry leaders nationwide, earned numerous “Outstanding Agent” awards, and shared her knowledge and expertise on stage as a panelist and speaker.

Daniela is dedicated to her clients and stays connected with them.  She teaches workshops on financial literacy to students at local high schools, trains and inspires other industry professionals on “safe money strategies”, professionalism and ethics. Daniela has also been a certified financial education instructor with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) since 2015.


Lastly, 5 interesting facts about Daniela Dubach

  1. Daniela was born in Germany and raised in Switzerland. She is an immigrant to the United States. In the winter of 2000, she left beautiful Switzerland and moved to Los Angeles, following her dreams to become an entrepreneur.
  2. She became passionate about educating others on financial literacy after she did all the “wrong” things first.
  3. She loves personal development and teaches classes on becoming the best one can be and self-empowerment.
  4. One of her bucket list things was running a marathon, which she accomplished a few years ago in Long Beach. She still enjoys tackling half marathons.
  5. She speaks 3 languages fluently (English, German, French) and understands Italian and Spanish.


Helping Americans Create Wealth Without Wall Street.

The typical financial planning environment has become so constrictive and limiting.  Clients are sold a “one size fits all” financial plan with high fees that actually makes money less efficient while putting investors at risk of potential losses and increased taxes.

For decades, investment representatives have been financially rewarded for convincing clients to keep their money at risk in the stock market.  We’re programmed to tolerate volatility and believe that risk and reward are inseparable. We’ve limited our investment options and we’ve forgotten rule #1:  “Never lose money!”

Our approach is different and innovative – maybe even revolutionary to some. 

It is about maximizing what you have, minimizing taxes (not just now, but in the future), putting “lazy assets” to work, and keeping more money in your control.

Prosperity is building a predictable, sustainable cash flow so that you can live your life fully without having to worry about running out of money, or being a slave to the moods of the stock market or interest rates.

There are no minimums to work with us — just the desire and capability to save and invest.


For many years Daniela has been involved in the community, for example supporting local schools with sports equipment or backpack giveaways, and helping police fundraisers for children’s hospitals.

Sharing her knowledge and experience at national industry summits with other financial professionals as a panelist and speaker.

Daniela has been conducting workshops in the private and public sector for over 10 years, educating thousands of public employees, business owners and their employees.

Daniela Dubach

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