About Daniela Dubach

Daniela Dubach was born in Germany and raised in Switzerland. In 2000, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

As a business owner, financial advisor and coach since 2009, she intimately understands the financial challenges women are facing today. Ironically, her own story includes some embarrassing money mistakes and lessons learned the hard way.

Daniela’s financial success came after she changed her mindset and perception about money in order to implement the same strategies that she is passionately sharing with others throughout the country today.

She has been a guest speaker on various local radio shows and podcasts, co-produced a documentary, published several articles, and conducted hundreds of live workshops on financial matters, educating thousands of individuals on how to implement better savings and retirement strategies.

Since 2015, Daniela has been a certified financial education instructor with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC).

Daniela Dubach

Certified Financial Fiduciary®
CA License #0F99546

Certified Financial Fiduciary


Helping Americans Create Wealth Without Wall Street.

The typical financial planning environment has become so constrictive and limiting.  Clients are sold a “one size fits all” financial plan with high fees that actually makes money less efficient while putting investors at risk of potential losses and increased taxes.

For decades, investment representatives have been financially rewarded for convincing clients to keep their money at risk in the stock market.  We’re programmed to tolerate volatility and believe that risk and reward are inseparable. We’ve limited our investment options and we’ve forgotten rule #1:  “Never lose money!”

Our approach is different and innovative - maybe even revolutionary to some.

It is about maximizing what you have, minimizing taxes (not just now, but in the future), putting “lazy assets” to work, and keeping more money in your control.

Prosperity is building a predictable, sustainable cash flow so that you can live your life fully without having to worry about running out of money, or being a slave to the moods of the stock market or interest rates.

There are no minimums to work with us — just the desire and capability to save and invest.